Author Guidelines

1) Originality, Copyright and Language

Work must be original, it must not have been published elsewhere. If a paper is accepted for publication, the author must agree to transfer copyright to the IOCC. Articles must be submitted in English, and it is the responsibility of the author to provide good quality translations from other languages into English.

2) Length, Format, Notes, Bibliography, etc.

- Length

Articles should be between 4,000 and 8,000 words at length excluding notes, bibliography and captions to illustrations. Short reports and reviews should be between 2,000 and 4,000 words.

- Format

Documents should be produced in Microsoft Word, using a single size font for text and headings, left justification only and no embedded formatting of capitals, spacing etc..

- Notes

Endnotes or Harvard system, not footnotes

- Bibliography

Chicago Manual of Style(

- Photographs and images

Photographs and images should be in high resolution JPG, EPS or TIFF formats. They should be submitted as a separate file, not embedded in the text. Captions should also be submitted as a separate file and should include the source of the image/photographer’s name and approximate date.

3) In addition you must supply the following :

- Author’s name

the name of the author(s), academic qualifications, the name of the organizations to which they are affiliated, nationality

- Abstract

a brief synopsis of your article of approximately 150-250 words

- Keywords

+/- 10 keywords or search terms

* Do not include ‘ocean cultural ’, ‘ocean heritage’ or ‘IOCC’ as keywords.

- Biography

a brief biography of a author(s0. 150-200 words. academic qualifications, posts held, current post, research interests, an e-mail address, etc.