List of Articles

Journal of Ocean & Culture. Vol. 2, 2019

Oceanic Heritage, Ocean Literacy, and The Way to the Future
J. Ocean Cult. 2019;2:6-20.
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Socio-Ecological Diversities of the Sulawesi Islands
J. Ocean Cult. 2019;2:22-36.
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The Life and Culture of the Bajau, Sea Gypsies
J. Ocean Cult. 2019;2:38-57.
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The Ocean Legacy of Malaka and Sustainability in the Straits of Malacca
J. Ocean Cult. 2019;2:58-73.
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Traditional Knowledge, Culture, and Biodiversity of Sundarban UNESCO World Heritage Site
J. Ocean Cult. 2019;2:74-86.
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Stone Tidal Weirs Rising from the Ruins
J. Ocean Cult. 2019;2:88-109.
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The Lower Mekong River Wetlands, the Lives of Local People and Their Sustainability
J. Ocean Cult. 2019;2:110-135.
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Ocean Cultural Heritage and Ocean Literacy Programs in the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development(2021-2030)
J. Ocean Cult. 2019;2:136-146.
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Commercial center on the edge of the Empire: Maritime Trade in Hunchun in Modern Times
J. Ocean Cult. 2019;2:148-164.
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