List of Articles

Journal of Ocean & Culture. Vol. 1, 2018

About the New Silk Road in the East Sea Rim
J. Ocean Cult. 2018;1:6-17.
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The State and Empowerment of Indonesian Maritime Culture: The Case of Traditional Marine Resource Management
J. Ocean Cult. 2018;1:18-34.
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Rediscovery of marine culture from the ancient Japanese literature “Nihon Eitaigura” by Saikaku: “Snapper” and “Boat racing” at a Nishinomiya-Ebisu shrine
J. Ocean Cult. 2018;1:36-45.
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An Introduction to Materials on the Shipwrecks of Chosǒn Korea in the Ch’ing Dynasty Archives
J. Ocean Cult. 2018;1:46-64.
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Rediscovery of Taiwan Ocean Heritage and Its Sustainability
J. Ocean Cult. 2018;1:66-82.
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Revaluation of the international maritime city of “Kobe” in the Middle Ages: The ambition of Taira No Kiyomori and his visionary maritime capital
J. Ocean Cult. 2018;1:84-101.
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Maritime Culture Empowerment under Indonesian Ocean Policy
J. Ocean Cult. 2018;1:102-117.
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Destination Marketing: The Ecomuseum Mindset of Tamsui Estuary
J. Ocean Cult. 2018;1:118-128.
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