Journal of Ocean and Culture is published by Korea National Maritime Museum(KNMM) and International Ocean & Culture Committee(IOCC) to establish the unique cultural value of oceanic culture, to promote mutual understanding around the world, and to create a platform where the researchers, academicians, professionals, practitioners and students share their opinions and discussion on Ocean & Culture. Located in Busan, the Korea's largest port city, Korea National Maritime Museum which aims to promote maritime culture and ocean industry has played a leading role in the publishing of the journal. IOCC is dedicated to establish the unique cultural value of oceanic culture and to promote mutual understanding around the world.

Aims and Scope

Journal of Ocean and Culture(JOC) is an open access, and peer-reviewed International Journal in all fields of Ocean and Culture on the basis of its originality, importance, interdisciplinary interest. JOC is an annually journal, in English, which publishes original researches and review articles. Articles concerning all aspects of Ocean & Culture including humanities(history, culturology, anthropology, ethnology, archeology, philosophy, religious studies, literature, linguistics, etc.), social sciences(politics, sociology, geography, etc.), oceanography, oceanic sciences and any interdisciplinary researches will be considered. All manuscripts are subject to peer review.

The Life and Culture of the Bajau, Sea Gypsies
J. Ocean Cult. 2019;2:38-57.
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Stone Tidal Weirs Rising from the Ruins
J. Ocean Cult. 2019;2:88-109.
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Commercial center on the edge of the Empire: Maritime Trade in Hunchun in Modern Times
J. Ocean Cult. 2019;2:148-164.
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Maritime Culture Empowerment under Indonesian Ocean Policy
J. Ocean Cult. 2018;1:102-117.
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Traditional Knowledge, Culture, and Biodiversity of Sundarban UNESCO World Heritage Site
J. Ocean Cult. 2019;2:74-86.
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Revaluation of the international maritime city of “Kobe” in the Middle Ages: The ambition of Taira No Kiyomori and his visionary maritime capital
J. Ocean Cult. 2018;1:84-101.
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